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Biogas Plant based on Multi-Fermenters and Single Digester

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An efficient Biogas Plant based on Multi-Fermenters and Single Digester using Wet Fermentation technique for separate Biomasses is designed, constructed, and operated at my former organization Pakistan Council for Renewable Energy Technologies.


Wet fermentation is considered to be suitable for waste sludge processing of vegetable and animal origin; in the operation of wastewater treatment plants. The fundamental and applied fundamental theory bases its operation on anaerobic digestion microorganism which helps to digest into Methane Gas and liquid component after separation – Fugate/Bio-Fertilizer.


This Multi-fermenters and Single Digester Biogas Plant utilize input biomasses of waste of agriculture and municipal waste. Fermenting various types of Biomasses collectively in one fermenter/ digester causes wastage of unutilized Biomasses up to 1/3 of the total, which leaves the Digester without fermentation and digestion without complete conversion into Biogas. The idea of multi fermentation for achieving maximum Biogas is used to ferment various types of Biomasses in separate fermenters. As every type of Biomass takes its specific time in days for fermentation, therefore separate fermentation arrangement for individual fermentation enables independent fermentation.


Keeping in view the record of the duration of each Biomass, nearly fermentation Biomass is poured into a common Digester one day or so earlier to its complete fermentation. In the common Digester, various near fermentation Biomasses start producing Biogas just after one day or so, respectively. In this way, all the Biomasses are completely converted collectively to use full Biogas and Bio Fertilizer coming out from the Digester is the best quality fertilizer without any unutilized, unfermented, and undigested contents. Thus these Multi-fermenters and Single Digester give excellent efficiency.

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